Page Not Found Action

Here you can define what happens when people load a non-existing URL on your website. There are 3 options:

  • Show Default 404: show the default 404 view provided by Laravel.
  • Render View: the selected view will be rendered, just like the rendering happens with regular pages.
  • Redirect To URL: if you want to redirect not-found pages to a specific page, for example the homepage (in that case, just enter a slash).

Password Protection

By default, your staging website is visible for everyone that has the URL. If you don't want this, you can put a password on it. It's recommended to do this especially when your site is live, because the staging site still exists even when your site is published to production.

When the protection is active, you cannot see the current password because it's encrypted. You can, of course, always change it.

Note that the website itself is a Laravel app, completely separate from the admin panel. There is no secure way for us to know on the website if you're logged in the admin or not. Because of that, the first time you will always have to enter the password, even if the admin panel is open.

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