All the tools to build, preview & launch  your next web project.

Devisto is a next-generation website development platform. With the power of Laravel, Livewire, and optionally Tailwind and Alpine.js, you can build anything blazingly fast.

Why Devisto?

If you create a lot of websites like I do, you'll know it can be challenging to find the perfect system and workflow. The last couple of years, I created a Laravel app for every single site I built, because it gave me superpowers. But with dozens of them running, the maintenance burden became pretty high. While looking for a solution, the idea for Devisto was born.

This is what we offer you in a nutshell:

Hosted Solution
The convenience of a hosted app, where you can create and duplicate sites, make and restore backups, and it all just works.
TALL Stack
You don't have to learn anything new. If you can build it in Laravel or Livewire, you can build it in Devisto.
All The Tools
Powered by Laravel, enhanced with extra CMS features like localization, pages, navigations, embedding, and much more.
Admin Panel
Invite your clients to manage the contents of their websites in a controlled environment.
Full Control
Devisto is not a site builder that generates HTML for you. You and only you decide what's coming out.
Flexible Pricing
You can test things out for free forever. Only pay for published websites, on a daily basis.

I've been building websites since the nineties. I built many CMS systems along the way, constantly searching for the perfect system and workflow. With Devisto, I think I finally cracked it. I've put my heart and soul into it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Klaas Geldof
Creator of Devisto

Data management as it should be.

Data is the backbone of every website and we take it very seriously. We give you all the tools to manage your data in the best way possible.

Import From Anywhere
Import data from Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Airtable or any API, one time or scheduled. When testing, you can also seed your tables with the help of Faker and Unsplash.
Building a multi-lingual site in Devisto is a breeze. Create as many languages as you need. Define which fields are translatable. Translate values quickly with Google Translate.
Powerful Search
If you're used to searching in Gmail, you'll gonna love this one. You can find anything, even in related tables. Or make scopes for fine-grained control and reusability in your code.
All your tables are accessible with our API. We kept it as simple as possible: create an API token in your account, and get your first results in minutes.

Full stack control.

We didn't invent any framework or language but embrace the TALL stack. If you know Laravel, you can use the syntax you know and love to write your views. All you need to learn is some helpers. Write your back-end functionality in Livewire components. Tailwind and Alpine.js are recommended but optional.

You're In Control
Typically, hosted site builders let you put some stuff on pages, and then generate HTML for you. Not in Devisto. You have control over every single letter of HTML, CSS and JS.
Helpers & Snippets
We provide you with dozens of helpers to access data tables, pages, assets, mails, languages, and so on. Snippets can get you a certain layout or functionality just by copy & pasting.
Open In VS Code
Don't want to code in the browser? Install our extension and open every Devisto project in VS Code. Your code is synced to the cloud automatically and even refreshes the preview when it's open.
Integrated Tinker
It's like a console for your back-end. You can use it to quickly test things out or to debug your code.

Upload your assets, we do the rest.

We make asset management as flexible as possible. Never worry again about storage or bandwidth.

Unlimited Storage
Upload as many images, videos or other files as you want. No matter how many or how big, we handle it for you, at no extra cost.
Auto Resize & Optimization
We automatically optimize images and create responsive versions for every screen size, and enable lazy loading by default, so your websites load as fast as possible.

Preview all the things.

With one click, you get an instant preview of what you're working on, which reloads automatically when you navigate or save. You can even preview Livewire components and mails.

Responsive Previews
Preview your project in several devices at once. When your screen is too small, the preview automatically zooms out to make sure you see the full picture.
Sidebar or New Window
Open preview as a sidebar in the same browser window. Or, if you have multiple monitors, pop it out to its own window.

World-class hosting.

All websites are hosted on AWS in a dockerized configuration. That means the performance of other sites will never influence your site.

Staging & Production Environments
Each website starts in a staging environment. When ready, you can publish the project to production and point any domain name to it.
Automatic Backups
Every night, we take a backup of every project and keep it for 30 days. You can even create and restore backups yourself.
Automatic SSL
Every domain you link instantly gets a free, auto-renewed SSL certificate. You can link as many domains as you want to a project.

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Simple, transparent pricing.

You can start using Devisto for free. You only start paying the day you publish a project on a custom domain.



Every project you create with Devisto starts in a staging environment, which has no limits and never expires.

  • Unlimited projects

  • Unlimited features

  • No time limit


€0.60 /project/day

When you want to make your website live on a custom domain, you need to publish it to production.

  • Multiple custom domains

  • Automatic SSL

  • Only pay for the days you need

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