We use 2 environments to handle the publication of websites: staging and production.

Every new project you build, starts in a staging environment. As long as you're working on the project without publishing it, only the staging environment will be active for the project. The staging version is accessible on a subdomain of Devisto:

Once the project is ready for publication, you can publish it to production. At that moment, a duplicate of the website will be made and be put in a production environment. From then on, your project has 2 versions: a staging and a production version.

Below, the differences between both environments are listed:

Domain Subdomain of Custom domain(s)
Searching Engine Indexing Disabled Enabled
PHP Debugging Enabled Disabled
Alpine & Livewire Devtools Enabled Disabled
CSS Minified and Purged No Yes
JS Minified No Yes
Price Free €0.50 / day

Publishing Changes

When you make a change to a published project, the changes will first be applied to the staging version. When the changes are ok, you will have to manually publish the changes to production, in order to get these changes on the production version.


At any time, you can decide to unpublish the project, which will result in the removal of the production version. No data will be lost, because the staging version still exists.

When there are domains linked to the project, they will stop working when you unpublish the project.

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