In the Log section of Devisto, you can find all log entries registered by the Laravel app running your website. So when some error occurs, the error will be logged there. In fact, you can see this list as what you'll normally find in your storage/logs folder in Laravel.

When the project is published (in which case you'll have a staging and production environment), messages from both environments will be logged. In the Environment column, you'll see the environment that triggered the message.

Log messages will be cleaned up after 30 days.

Logging Messages

You can also write your own messages to the log, by using the Laravel logger() helper:

// Just a simple message
logger('Debug message');

// You can provide extra context in an array
logger('Debug message', ['foo' => 'bar']);

// Other levels are also possible
logger()->error('Some error occurred');
logger()->info('Some info message');
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